Steep Increase in Israel Patent Office Fees

The Israeli Patent Office is increasing official fees sharply. On January 1, 2013 an amendment to the Israeli Patent Regulations will enter into force, introducing significant increases in the officialfees of the Israeli Patent Office. The changes in fees include a steep increase in filing fees, from 1,075 NIS to 2,000 NIS. The more significant increase is in the first and second renewal fees, which now stand on 157 NIS and 320 NIS and will go up to 800 NIS and 1600 NIS, respectively. The monthly extension fees will also increase dramatically, from 64 NIS to 200 NIS.

Of note, the amendment includes offering a 40% discount on the filing fee and the issue fee to individuals, or companies, or partnerships having an annual turnover of up to 10 million NIS, upon filing a first patent application for a particular invention. For a company or a partnership to qualify for said discount, a declaration attesting to the annual turnover entitled for the discount should be submitted together with the filing application.

The amendment also includes introduction of new fees, when filing patent applications with excess number of pages. For excess pages (more than 100, excluding sequence listings) an additional filing fee of 250 NIS is to be paid for each subsequent group of 50 pages.

The amendment applies to Israeli national applications and to PCT applications entering the national phase in Israel.

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